Presentation of call for election

Election timetable:

From 13-02-23 to 22-02-23      Presentation of call for election.

From 23-02-23 to 27-02-23      Deadline for applications.

From 28-02-23 to 02-03-23      Assessment of validity and acceptance of applications.

From 03-03-23 to 08-03-23      Publication of accepted and rejected applications. Deadline for submitting appeals.

From 09-03-23 to 11-03-23      Resolution of appeals by the Electoral Board

19-03-23                                 Voting from 10am to 4pm.

From 20-03-23 to 22-03-23      Publication of provisional results and deadline to submit challenges.

From 23-03- to 25-03-23          Resolution of challenges and final announcement of results.

List of voting members

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